When the camera is rotating, how to make the mesh look like it's not rotating

I have a requirement that when the camera is rotating, I want something to look like it’s always in that position!!!
Like this PG playground

I want this black plane to stay still, regardless of the camera rotating left and right!

How do I counteract camera rotation?

Hello :slight_smile:

I think what you are looking for is billboard mode


If you have a new method, please tell me

Sorry I didn’t catch what you mean.
Did you try the Playground ? Is it not what you are looking for ?

Yes, I already tried that. After setting ground.billboardMode = 2, the ground named “Scene_GroundToUI” goes down. Did you notice that?

When the camera is rotating, certain objects should always maintain their position and orientation relative to the screen, looking unaffected by the camera rotation -----this is my need.

The pg above seems to have this effect, but we can’t see the plane anymore, and it would be perfect if we could see it on the ground

sorry, I forgot to set the backFaceCulling = false. Thank you