Rotate plane so that text is always readable


i’m struggling with probably simple problem of rotation of a plane. What i am trying to achieve is to rotate the plane (or mesh) in such way that the text is always readable no mater how the camera looks at it. Similar to billboard mode, but maintaining original mesh rotation. Depending on camera position the plane should be rotated 180 degrees around two axes, depending on plane’s current rotation and camera position.
This playground demonstrates what i am trying to achieve. Second text should be rotated 180 degrees around z axis. Third text should be rotated 180 degrees around both x and z axis.
When the camera is rotated more than 90 degrees around y axis then the texts should automatically rotate, so the need for rotation (or flipping) should be recalculated on each render.

Any hints would be appreciated :wink: Thanks

Could you not create two planes opposite each others with culling enabled ? So no matter where you are you only see one with the correct text ?

Yes. That would solve rotation around one axis, when the camera is located behind the plane. However it still needs to be rotated around the other axis, when the camera is looking from front, but text is upside down.

I’m having the same issue, ill edit this once solution found