Which camera should I use to move on map like google earth

Hello everyone

I want to build a map like a google earth and I need to move on a map and not rotate the plane, I need to know which camera is suitable to use it.
the following link is my PG for my map project:

is it possible to help me know how can I do it?

I think a universal camera would probably be fine for this, but you will need to adjust the controls to get it to behave like a Google Maps camera. For instance, you will have to work out how to limit its range of motion so that the user can’t point the camera away from the map or collide with the map.

Try a universal camera, then experiment with adjusting the controls I would say. There are some documents on how to control camera inputs here: Customizing Camera Inputs | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thank you so much

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Depending the coordinate you’re working with: Google earth camera work on tangent space of type ENU(east, North, Up) which mean it transform spherical (lat, lon, ele) to earth centric (x, y, z), then to ENU. In ENU the camera is moving in local Cartesian coordinate and you can choose any of the babylon camera. So free camera will work.

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thank you so much, I’m going to try in this way