Who is Deltakosh?

As some of you asked several times, this is a video that will help you put a face on a forum name:

Feel free to appreciate my terrible english accent :smiley:


Ahh … you have changed a little bit - more hirsute - a proper beard now, not just stubble

DK Image

Which I used a few years back to create this:

The Man From Babylon

And of course no watermelons now ! :wink:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


He lost some carry-on luggage! Lookin’ HOT! How’s your Colt 45 “quick-draw”, DeltaWrangler? Can ya ride a horse? Can ya memorize lines of script?

I think we might have some cowboy-movie roles… riders, ranchers, rustlers, rounders, ropers, roustabouts… in our upcoming “old west cinema” series. I hope ya don’t mind being “on the lone prairie”. Can ya “git-along with the li’l doe-gies”?

By chance, do any of your co-workers… look like savage Indians? There might be some roles open for those, too (prefer horse-riders).

It will likely be another month or two before we start “shooting”… but I think we can “use” you.

I’m thinkin’… https://www.tackroominc.com/images/Stetson-Llano-Western-Hat.jpg for DK.

Have my people call your people. :slight_smile:


Hello David, thanks to all of you for this wonderful project Babylon, which simplifies the work with WebGL. For the first time I really enjoy diving into three dimensional worlds and playing with light and shadow… God must have felt so when he/she created heaven and earth! :slight_smile:

What is your task in the real world at Microsoft?


This (BJS) is his real mission in MS. Incredible, isn’t it ? :smiley:


Funny to heard that even after years in USA you still have this (beautiful of course) french accent :wine_glass: :wink:

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and now visa versa : an english speaker speaks a french text



In the not too distant future, the AIs will be able to filter out the French accent. I think that’s a pity, it’s like the introduction of the euro in france. How romantic it used to be to pay for your sandwiches with franc and centimes.

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Awesome as ever, with a better beard texture.:sunglasses:

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No reason to be shy about the accent, my wife always tells me I sound like a boring robot on video tutorials, see e.g.: [Tutorial] Realtime Stone with detail maps in Blender on Vimeo

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How do I get a BJS shirt like Deltakosh is wearing (with the updated logo of course)?


We will soon share a link to order one ;D
Pinging @PatrickRyan

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I will get a source set up and post it to the forum. Stay tuned!

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What does “Deltakosh” mean and where does the name come from? :slight_smile:

Nice! i’ll have to update again the Cornell Box example with this new logo, which is great by the way!

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okay, and so it begins…

Date of Birth:
Unknown [Likely prior to [1 Million B.C.]


It’s time to review the whole series of babylon… :slight_smile:


I want one!

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