Why does the Camera class have one fov member instead of two?

Should there not be one fov for horizontal and one for vertical?

Hello and welcome!

Because we use aspect ratio of the canvas

Does that mean that as the canvas’ aspect ratio changes I should see a change in the fov of the camera?

Hi Dejas,

I don’t think you should expect to see the Camera.fov value change. That value corresponds to either the vertical or horizontal FOV of the camera, depending on the FOV mode of that camera. The other direction’s FOV will change when you modify the aspect ratio because that FOV is calculated from the proscribed FOV and the aspect ratio. However, as far as I know, that FOV is not stored in a variable you can readily access.

So, in brief, the FOV that isn’t pegged to the Camera.fov variable will change when the aspect ratio changes, but the contents of the variable Camera.fov will not change.