Why my height map doesn't work in iOS Safari?

It works in Chrome or Firefox in both Windows or Android, but results in a flat plane in Safari in iOS. I have no idea why.

Original example in document:

I know that how f***ing can it be when debugging iOS Safari. It’s alright if no one can help me with this. Mutual encouragement.

Could it be the file format not accepted? I actually doubt iOS doesn’t support PNG, but - have you tried converting it to something else? a jpg? just to test if it is the file itself?

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Maybe its a timing thing?
Ill look one second.

Dang I cant find my iPhone… sorry I wont be able to help on this one.

I can not repro :frowning: is the original version working for you ?

It does work with another image:

So it seems there’s something with your .png file… As @RaananW suggested, try to use with another format than .png.

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The picture is probably too big to be supported

ios only supports 2048 * 2048 max