width/heightInPixels incorrectly reported when fixed ratio set


Not sure if this is definitely a bug, but it’s not what I would’ve expected. If an element has a fixedRatio set, it looks like the ‘InPixels’ property for the derived dimension is incorrectly reported as being that of the parent container (I guess because it has defaulted to ‘100%’).

I will have a look at the GUI code myself to see if I can figure out what’s going on, just wanted to know if anyone has any insight on this, and maybe it’s what is expected?

Adding @msDestiny14 in case she would know.

I see looks like its displaying the wrong value. I think the logic behind this is that a user can still set the dimension of the height. According the the docs for fixedRatio the last value set will be the one used the he calculation. Setting the actual height then would cause it to cycle.

I can see how that can annoying because the actual correct value is not correctly displayed when you try to get it.

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