WOLOMV - the quintessential MMORPG

The name’s just a placeholder jokey name for now, it stands for World of League of MineStory ValleyScape - with the idea being that this game will take inspiration and hopefully extract the essence of the best parts of all of those games, and incorporate it into one quintessential MMORPG. (Bonus points for anyone who’s able to figure out every game that’s being referenced!)

I’m a professional web/FE software engineer who recently quit my job and am planning to take about a year or so off work, and this has kind of turned into my main focus. I started playing around BabylonJS just two weeks ago, it’s been great to work with and the Questions forum here is amazing, with so many helpful people around and really fast and informative replies, so a big shoutout/thanks to everyone for that!

I just conducted an initial multiplayer test with a few friends and recorded it, so here’s an initial look at what I’ve got so far (it’s not much, but it has just been ~1.5 weeks of work :sweat_smile:) -

A bit about the tech stack - it’s written in fullstack Typescript;

  • client obviously powered by Babylon for world rendering (and currently using React for the UI, although not sure if this will stay)
  • server runs in Node
  • currently implementation of networking is WebSockets, although some of the game mechanics I’m thinking of introducing require high performance networking. So the plan is to switch over to WebRTC soon, I’ve got high hopes for this WebRTC-based library called Geckos.io (with the fallback plan being multiplexing over WebSockets, hopefully it doesn’t come to that)

I’m looking for collaborators! Mainly looking for an additional engineer or two, and optionally any 3D modellers who may be interested (current plan for assets is hiring freelancers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). There’s no monetization plan for this project (I’m expecting to mostly likely lose money developing this game, it’s mostly a passion project), but definitely willing to figure out some renumeration, so if you’re interested we can chat about it for sure.

You can reach me on Discord (Mic#3157), I’ve also setup a Discord server for this project, so feel free to hop on there too: World of League of MineStory ValleyScape!

EDIT: live demo is up at http://wolomv.com - it’s networked although it’s quite likely at this point you’ll be the only one online :laughing:


This looks so nice, can not wait to play it :slight_smile:



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Looks incredible! Keep us posted!

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Small update for the week! Been a bit of a slow one, made a bunch of changes that aren’t really visible just yet. The noticeable ones are:

  • introduced chatbox for multiplayer comms
  • added command to spawn monsters
  • killing monsters drops loot that you can pick up!

You’ll notice the FPS drop from ~150 to ~50 when the 100 new monsters are spawned. I’m a little wary of this, not sure if there are some optimizations that I could be making to address this. The monster mesh being used is quite a simplistic model. Possibly the shadows cast by each monster? I’ve been having some performance issues with shadows recently.

Also seems to be something off with my monster random movement generator, the pseudo part of Math.random’s pseudorandomness is showing up a little… :sweat_smile:


First update in a little while:

  • we’ve been spending the majority of the last 2 weeks working on game design rather than working on engineering/development, so not too much visible progress there
  • super early stage play testing is now available, the game is being hosted at http://wolomv.com ! Give it a whirl and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

This looks and feel amazing !!! @PirateJC

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@sairens it’s coming along GREAT! Can’t wait to follow the progress!

When you get it to a point where you’re feeling really happy with it, let me know and we’ll get it posted on the Babylon.js website and tweet about it!


WOW so Awesome i’m exited to see the progress . keep it up :+1:

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The project’s been on a bit of hiatus in the last few weeks, that’s recently changed and we’re back to going full steam ahead.

Here’s a bit of a graphics update:

Much more coming soon!


Pretty Pretty Pretty :slight_smile: