[XR] WebXR exit button is not appearing in immersive-ar session

The issue occurs on my mobile device in this playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#GG06BQ#3

WebXR enter icon appears and opens the AR session when pressed.
When in the AR session, there is no button to exit. I think I remember the exit button appearing before, maybe I’m wrong?

If so, is there a way I can overlay HTML buttons to add a custom exit AR session button?

The XR button is a pure HTML button and cannot (at the moment) be displayed in AR. you can add your own button, or just press the back button - the session will be closed for you.

There is an experimental DOM Layers for WebXR, which we will probably integrate in Babylon after the 4.2 release.

Just food for thought, and why I will probably take a more active role in hand tracking to ensure my needs are met. There does NOT need to be a button on screen at ALL TIMES. It kind of ruins it, IMHO.

What I conceived of back in early '19, was a criss-crossing of arms / hands to trigger a portal of buttons, which then appear. I did it, thinking it would be for Magic Leap. Did not have a device, but did an actual implementation. Made a demo / video where there is a character in place of the wearer, and substituted mouse clicks, but other than that it is a real interface.

Now have a Occulus Quest 2 & headphones in the delivery pipeline. Am in the middle of something else, but will be clearing some time soon, i hope.

Hi RaananW, thanks for the quick response!

I must have been imagining that exit button in the ar session.

I’ve now set up an exit session button using BABYLON.GUI instead.

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