Babylon Exporter - Objects get placed at a other Place


the Camera of my Model get displaying, after converting to Babylon File through the Exporter, at the Top of the Modelroof. At a other Model some Objects get also placed to an another Place after Converting.

I can’t understand it.

I have uploaded two Pictures.




I guess you are talking about Babylon.js Blender exporter?

Two things I always do when having issues exporting from Blender:

  1. Set all of the mesh origins to (0,0,0): Set the 3D cursor to coordinates (0,0,0), and for each mesh set the origin to 3D cursor.
  2. Apply all transformations

Then export. If this doesn’t work, you might have bigger issues, sometimes the log file will give errors/warnings that have useful info.



Thanks for your answer. I will try it.

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Also parent. When the parent has transforms & you apply them, they just get applied to the children. So you need to also apply to children afterwards. This sort of combination stuff just does not work on load.

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i have tested it now.

If i do it all Elements get shown at other Places and it looks terrible. So this didn’t works for me.

I have tryed a little bit with the Position of the Camera by moving it and load then in Babylon Js and than the Camera get placed at the other end of the Model…



i have testing now at this Problem but can’t find a way to fix it.

What i can’t understand is, that this Problem is only at 2 of 7 Models .

While i testing i saw a mysterious Reaction of a Mesh which i added to the fully Model. I placed this Mesh at correct Place but if i don’t place it, with his Head down, after exporting the Mesh get displaying at Places where i really surprised.

Do you have a Link or a Fix for me? Or a Explanation why it is so?

This would me really helpfull. If there isn’t a way - I’m ready to take help and pay a little bit for it.