2 d 4d ? top over pseduo 3ds?

Hi im suppose to help a friend make top over 2d game i presume
is this possible in babylonjs it was while back i worked in babylon
or am i better off trying pixi?
What i understood so far its about space, and 1 character sprite moving on the floor.
and some npcs moving around and talking, is babylonjs strong enough to do this?

Babylonjs supports sprites. You could lock the camera view to be top down as well. It is at least worth trying.

yes i understand but isnt there a standard precedure when making top down games?
and i assume u mean babylonjs support animating sprites as well
I was more looking for direction i dont know if its made for this yet and how to build it more than fixing cameras but its still 3d? with a fixed camera and sprites in a 3d world?

You can use orthographic camera in this case. It could keep everything in 3D while having a 2D look and feel