Guys i need help just wanted to create this project?

Just look at this i want to create something like this ?

@Aekantak007 this doesn’t seem to be 3D at all - unless I’m looking in the wrong place, it’s just composition/layering of prerendered 2D images?

You could do something similar in 3D - it’d be like a 3D avatar creator. Take a look at some of the work @ozRocker has been doing with 3D characters and avatars e.g. Facial Expressions

May be similar to the car or drone customizers I’ve seen around as well.

but we can create something like this from javascript ?
and babylon can be used for 2D as well right?
do you know any other framework which can be used to achieve like this?’

Yes, quite probably from HTML, CSS and just a little to no JavaScript

To some extent yes, but for 2D work IMHO I would stick to a 2D specialist app. You could do it using


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