Is BabylonJS suitable for 2D projects?

I`m new to Babylon and am doing currently some 3D + VR app in it, but I will need a framework for doing educational web games both 2D and 3D.

Currently up to this point I really like Babylon for 3D and would be happy to use it for 2D as well to have shared knowledge, reusable libraries etc. instead of having to deal with multiple frameworks.

  • Would you encourage or discourage such a move and why?
  • Will the performance and battery life on low end mobile devices be ok, or there is still an engine overhead that comes with it even if I don’t put any 3D elements in my games and stick to the sprite system and UI?

Huge thanks for your input in advance!


  1. It depends on what you want for 2D. If you want simultaneously 2D and 3D, it is a good choice. For purely 2D, maybe Pixi.js is a better choice
  2. We spend a lot of energy to make sure the engine is thin and as efficient as possible. You can even control the renderloop to render only when you want. Using GUI and Sprite still require a scene but as it will be empty it has no cost
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