2PGs from example list don't work

2 pgs from example list don’t work in latest version.
All good in stable

This https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8GY6J8#176 is not working too, because of an uppercase on line 12 :yum:. Here is fixed https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8GY6J8#180.

And at the end, as a sugestion, what do you think on colorate favicon of doc, main site, playground and forum with different colors, or add a char, or omething. I’m lost when I have multiple tabs open :smile:

For icon color change: Favicon color exploration · Issue #4 · BabylonJS/Brand-Toolkit · GitHub

For PG, fancy doing a PR? Documentation/list.json at master · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub (I can do it but you should get credits for it ;))

Oki. Great news about colors.
I will do the PR, but what about first 2 examples? Is it expected?

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Nope I will fix them :slight_smile:

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