Injured Playground seen in 'Shadow on transparent textures' PG Examples Menu

Hi Team! I hope everyone is well.

Topic: “Shadow on transparent textures” playground example… is not correct. Semi-broken PG. Scene is supposed to look like this picture:

(Use PG Examples-Filter ‘Shadow on’ to find it quick.) is a better example, perhaps.

Is this “report” properly posted in “bugs”?

It’s almost “Tools Issues” topic, eh? Topic-determination sucketh, huh? :slight_smile:

For now, I post it in “bugs”. :slight_smile: Topic-wranglers can herd-it into whatever corral they wish.

moo. heh

Indeed seems strange, there’s not even a shadow generator in the example…

Yours looks perfect, I think we should use it instead of the broken one: @Deltakosh or @RaananW?

So much better!!!

@Wingnut - Want to submit a PR for this? need to change the examples json in the documentation repository

Tiz done (I think). Thx for the how-to help/teaching on that, Raanan. Hi and best wishes to all.

Isn’t it a bit of a risk/gamble… to use PG’s examples… that depend-upon “offsite” image files? Could be prone to 404’s.

I guess all the offsite files are wikipedia/commons, so maybe lesser 404 risk than at some domains. shrug Shadow-on, gang. :slight_smile:

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It seems like the issue is a bit bigger than it currently is.

Thou I like your example very much, the actual example is this:

which makes sense. The problem is that choosing an example on the examples list doesn’t load the revision (actually loading this - Babylon.js Playground , which is not the full example).

I have found the issue and will submit a PR very soon

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PR submitted - Fix playground examples loading by RaananW · Pull Request #8756 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Thx R… nice find. Revision #2DT16W#11 was probably in the json… and I just pasted over it.

It would be nice if mouse-over example choice… showed full address on browser status bar.

It would also be nice if choosing example… showed full address in browser address field.

Want to troubleshoot another issue while mucking-around in there?

Self-shadowing #2 seems broken… tested in FF and Chrome. Hangs during load-attempt. No console errors seen.

And DURING that “hang”, the examples menu disappears, but mousing-over the area where the example menu SHOULD BE… shows pointer/hand changes (like it is still there, but somehow hidden). Long story.

Pressing examples button during hung load… makes pointer/hand issue toggle on/off.

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Seems to be related to the same issue. This is the revision that should be used:

But it is not loading the correct revision. let’s wait for it to merge and see if it works better afterwards

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Excellent example. I merged it!

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You guys got this, right? Playground “not loading examples that have revision numbers” issue? Was THAT fix merged? I see no changes. Need to wait for nightly or something?

Device Orientation camera example… same problem. Not same example as picture. Possibly many more.

When mousing over example “placards”, putting URL on browser status bar (like the documentation links do)… is difficult to do, correct? (late binding-like?)

Without mouseover examples showing on browser status bar… difficult to see problems.

Just curious. We’re still awaiting a playground “build” later… to see results of fix attempt. right? Tomorrow, perhaps? Nightly?

we’ve got it
It will be merge in a hour or so


Want to extend the thread a bit? :slight_smile:
textures/Flare.png is missing, which affects Particle Editor playground/docs example (up thru #11)

Accidental delete of textures/Flare.png? I think so. Lots of particle demos use textures/Flare.png (thx for fix, gang)

Rats! it is a case issue
textures/flare.png works

Adding @RaananW who is kindly maintaining a case updater for the pg :wink:

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hmmm… That should not have happened! :slight_smile:

I will take care of that very soon

Fixed! thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

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