Broken playground links in guides

The following PG links in the guides open up an “empty” playground, but do not contain the example specified in the guides:

Page: Making a Simple Driven Car | Babylon.js Documentation
PG: “A Basic Car”

Page: Adding a Roof to a House Built from Plans | Babylon.js Documentation
2nd PG in the middle: “Example Roof”

Page: Building a Track for a Carriage to Follow | Babylon.js Documentation
Last PG at the bottom: “Passenger View From Roller Coaster”

Page: Issues Arising When Getting Particles To Collide | Babylon.js Documentation
PG: “Strobing Effect”

pinging @PirateJC

@owen Thank you SOOO much for flagging these! Really appreciate it!

I have fixed 3 and removed 1 (that shouldn’t have been there).

Should be live in the next 20 mins.

You rock!



no problem! Glad to help in the ways that I am capable. The re-organized docs are a great improvement. And I love your youtube videos btw! Keep up the great work!


Cheers and thank you so much for the kind words! So glad that both the docs and videos are helpful!