3D Character Controller Demo: ClojureScript + BabylonJS + O'Doyle Rules

Hi guys, I’ve created a 3D character controller demo project in BabylonJS using ClojureScript language, enjoy!

GitHub: https://github.com/ertugrulcetin/babylon-cljs
Live Demo: https://ertugrulcetin.github.io/babylon-cljs-demo


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This is pretty cool! I’m brand spanking new to Babylon.js but I am a web developer professionally and have been doing game dev in Unity on the side for a few years. This is a welcome showcase for Babylon’s potential.

Although I’m wondering if I’m using it incorrectly. The live demo doesn’t appear to have working animations and the model seems to be offset about 50% in the capsule. I’ve tried in both Chrome and Firefox.

I’m glad you liked it! Yeah I did not implement animations, and model offset is weird, it happens time to time and refreshing the page fixing it for me


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