3D charts with BJS - Bjorn's Fancy Charts

Hello BJS community. It’s so rewarding to work with the BJS framework, awesome work by you all.

Everything is not all about gaming ;-), here is a business productivity app for creating (animated) 3D charts. Any feedback more than welcome.

Bjorn’s Fancy Charts, a web app : Bjorn's Fancy Charts.

(demo video: Bjorn's Fancy Charts)


Love it!!! cc @PirateJC

@bjornbacklund this is awesome! We love 3D data! There is HUGE opportunity in this space that very few people are exploring. Love that you’re doing work in this area!

How would you feel about me posting this on our community webpage?

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Glad to hear you like it! I would be more than happy if you post elsewhere! Thank you!
BTW, I am also working on a “3D PowerPoint”, using animated 3D to create eye-catching slide decks and presentations (https://www.3d-decks.com)

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My bad, it should be just http://www.3d-decks.com, it’s just a forwarding domain to Bjorn's 3D-decks

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