Candy bar, a multi-categorical stacked bar chart

A stacked vertical bar chart, but in 3d, where each side contains details of a different sub-category.


My first steps with Babylon, and now that the parts are stitched together, I would like to share, before going for a rewrite.

Key were tessellated cylinders covered with dynamic texture.


Excellent! good job buddy!

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Should be mentioned on our homepage :slight_smile: @PirateJC

@thierry very fun!

Any objection to me adding this to our community web page?

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Please go ahead. No objections. Tell me if I can do something to facilitate.

3d info graphics never go anywhere. Sorry @thierry , @Deltakosh , @PirateJC - I love 3D but I dont think this is a good showcase of the use of 3D at all. in reality , anyone that uses info graphics is not interested in fidgety 3D scenes. Before you all call me a party pooper , please feel free to point out the use of 3d info graphics in the real world in any professional capacity and I will eat my hat :wink:

I have mentioned such things before , maybe as part of some presentation animation it could be cool , but not as an actual interactive tool. 3D brings nothing of benefit to the table here and mostly just makes things more complicated to use.

Well @shaderbytes I’ll refrain from calling you a:

BUT let’s level up the conversation here. The Babylon community is a family. We care about every single person who joins this family and we want to support every member of this family however we can.

@thierry is obviously new to the platform and to 3D on the web and we are BEYOND happy and excited to not only welcome them to the family, but also support their journey as they begin to unravel the mysteries of this wonderful world.

So in my book, our community page is not just here to showcase the best of the best, but to showcase and support experiences from every member of our family.


What about all the Microsoft Office charts (excel, word and ppt)? They are all 2d and 3d. Just 500 millions users should demonstrate that 3D charts can be a thing

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ok im a party pooper sorry to all , point taken JC and delta . Feel free to give me a party pooper badge for a month :wink:

Of course my intention was not to make @thierry not feel welcome… Welcome!


badges being given out here. You too are a valued member of this family! :wink:

@thierry Welcome to the community, that is a great first step!

I might be able to give in my 0.000001 cents to the discussion here, as someone with a interest in 3D and data visualization. It is true that 3D charts can suffer from some issues that 2D charts don’t have, especially occlusion and the perception of distortions, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to great effect! Especially in the context of VR and Big Data (since eventually you have too much data to effectively display it in 2D), it’s a great topic of study. :smiley:
These are some interesting articles about the subject!

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I realize a pie chart is probably even more despised than a 3d chart, so please count me in.

@shaderbytes my use case of this candy bar is a presentation widget

thanks all for the welcome, suggestions, and honest words