Using BJS animations to highlight changes in data over time

Bjorn’s 3D-decks and Fancy Charts now supports a new chart type “Over-time columns”, using animation to show how data changes from e.g. 2018 to 2021. The animation restarts at end of every animation loop (defaults to 10 seconds)

Video also takes you though the steps how to create the mini-deck - creating the deck, dragging in a CSV file to create a 2D chart and then configuring the 3D version of the chart.



That’s awesome!

Is it available as some kind of a module that can be imported and used?

I wonder if it is possible to add the 3rd axis and have fully 3D charts.

Of course, Do you have a sample dataset you are trying to visualize?

Thanks. A module might be coming, would be fairly trivial once I get some spare time.

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Very nice ! I’m also exploring 3d charts with BJS, so good to see what others come up with.

@bjornbacklund : I also noticed that you did some 3d org charts. I’m also doing some experiments there

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@thierry, thanks and great!