3d house planner with Babylon js

Hi all.
I would like to present my house planner app
Check it out at: https://3dhouseplanner.com


Cool demo !!!

Nice :slight_smile:

Is it possible to share this app on babylon js twitter or somewhere else?

cc @PirateJC

Recent updates:
Added 2D view: Orthographic camera mode
Import floor plan images into the scene
Measurement tools
Auto Rough Opening for doors and windows
Added Polygon roof
Added more 3D objects

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Recent updates:

Added more 3D objects
Added a Floor visibility tool
Window/door outline displayed in 2D view
Implemented a cloning tool for windows, floors, and walls to facilitate building generation
Addressed various bug fixes.

Hi @mathus1

Looks really great. It took me a minute to realize the first dialog was scrollable (I was stuck).

Then the bottom buttons - only the tops were visible.

If you want to support responsive design /mobile - you could try out more resolutions. Cheers.

Certainly. I do require some time to make it responsive for mobile. Currently, I hid the primary tools on smaller screens, intending to unveil them in a future update.


Very helpful indeed, now I can save myself the trouble of moving furniture for my wife by showing her it looks bad there before we move around the whole house… again :slight_smile:

I’m glad that it was helpful. That is my intention when I started to develop this app 2 years ago. Although there are other apps offering more user-friendly features, they have limited free resources and expensive in-app subscriptions. By the way, just letting you know that I received 95 coupons of $20 each for those who give a review of this app on Capterra. If you are interested, click here
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