Looking for developer to help with home design app


I am looking for a Babylonjs/React developer to code a front end for my construction software. The app would allow user to lay out walls, windows, doors, interior floors and roofs on a grid. User would select framing style, window and door sizes, etc from the react controls. The meshes would then be saved to a database as obj files. Controls would include the typical: pan, zoom, orbit, copy pastes, move, etc.

I am working on a more detailed spec but wanted to reach out and see if there was interest in helping me and to get an idea of time and cost.

Thanks in advance!


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We can help, please look into www.deftntact.com

And our works section in our site, we are 3d products and visualization who works on webGL and Babylon and react

Please see our product www.surfacevue.com which we have done completely uisng react and babylonjs

Hi Krishna-

Thanks for you reply. Your work looks good. I would like to check out surfaceview but I get “ERROR WHILE LOADING DATA”.

Thank you-


Really , which browser you are using, it is working fine. Where extactly you are seeing the issue.

Please check below url

Also you can see few of our works in our website

Our works section, all our works are with react + babylonjs

I doubt this is browser-specific, I also get this when I click on your original link:

(Just my 2 cents, I love seeing what people do with the framework)

I got the issue , it is sub domain issue in our code.

Try this one

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