A flat custormization 3D tool that use Babylon.js

Hey Babyloners,

I’m proud to show you our last work made with the amazing Babylon.js !

At my company Custhome, we’ve made a flat preview in 3D that allow the end user to customize it. As we did not came from a 3D background it was a pleasure (and so easssyyy) to discovers the 3D world in Javascript with Babylon.js.

:eyes: Custhome :eyes: (sorry it’s in :fr:)

Tips: give a try to the bathroom
More flats to explore: https://demo.custhome.app

Our 3D team is working to improve the pre-rendered lightning of the scene to make it more warm :sun_with_face: And to improve the performance of our meshes :racing_car:

Have a nice day everyone!


What a wonderful project! I especially like the building overview with the floors.

Quick question just since I am curious - have you tried using BIM in your implementation, or is it something you dont even consider?

Good luck!! :slight_smile:

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We did not use the BIM for now. But it’s something we want to look into at some point. It could help us to automate a lot of steps of our production process :slight_smile:


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This is fantastic (and cool I can read french :D)

Do you want to add it to our homepage? This is freaking cool demo

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Wow! The guys on my team will be so proud to be there :smiley:

You deserve it!
Please do a PR to update that file: Website/config.json at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub

I will thanks!