Hi I am trying to develop a metaverse in Babylon.js

Can any one suggest me any github repo for a reference to know about the best practices to be followed.

what experience do you have with realtime 3D engines? Also, How good is your javascript coding skills and understanding of other languages , frameworks and application development? This info all matters in deciding how to best answer you :wink:

3 year experience in JavaScript and React, 3 month experience in Babylonjs. Created a third person shooter game in React.js and Babylon.js through the collision engine of the babylonjs. Also added webRTC for real time audio chats.

ok based on what you saying now im wondering you should have some understanding of the scale of something like this then right? A metaverse is just networked users. The backend infustructure of that is all server based. Babylon is just a frontend, Like a multiplayer game.

So within all that, what specifically are you looking for info about?

I just googled “babylonjs multiplayer” and got

maybe try to be more specific and explain what info you expect

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Hi, thanks for the reply, I created the multiplayer setup of third person shooter using this documentation. I am just searching for open source projects ( It could be something like Pubg related game) done by experienced Babylon.js developers so that I can know the best practices to be followed while creating my own. I haven’t seen any Github repo of fully fledged metaverse (or any similar kind of game) using Babylon.js.

And you were expecting to find this ? Fully fledged and made by professionals … :slight_smile:

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