Threejs vs. babylonjs vis-a-vis multiplayer (n00b status)

Hi Babylonjs Crew,

I am just starting to learn about Babylonjs and am very excited about it. I’m coming at you from from about two years of coding in threejs and several years of coding in processing before that. I’m realizing that I really need some gaming abstractions to make my next piece (it will be tensorflow => webxr; I’ve actually done a bunch of ml5 and a lot of webxr in threejs). I guess what I’m wondering is what are the tools that people use to make an online persistent multiplayer game world? I don’t see documentation for that here; is that a completely different library?


@saitogroup BabylonJS is agnostic about what, if any, multiplayer library you want to use. Here’s the ones I know of:

Thanks for that! Is this a thing that people are frequently doing, making 3D persistent worlds in Javascript, or am I setting myself up for some :’< ? I’ve found one 3d persistent vr world in javascript., but the guy who made this is some kind of hyper genius, and I am but a lowly creative coding serf. Thoughts?

It’s non-trivial so would be a challenge. I know of at least 2 people on this forum who’ve made persistent non-game VR worlds using Babylon.js - @ozRocker and @bnolan (cryptovoxels) so you could ask them.

@saitogroup sounds like you already have a lot of experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been following the Discord for (an amazing MMORPG built using Javascript), which has a room where the developer talks about his stack.

In general, you’ll probably need a database (MongoDB, Firebase, etc…) for world persistence/saving user stats and WebSockets for real-time multiplayer.

I’ve got a tutorial for a really basic multiplayer world using Babylon.js and NodeJS here Multiplayer Game

There’s also BabylonJS virtual worlds here (C# server)
and (NodeJS server)

Hope that helps.

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@gbz @ozRocker hey, thank you both so much for these examples; it’s really inspiring to see what people are doing, and this also really clears up my question about multiplayer support (that that is kind of a different animal)

I just completed the beginner’s tutorial in babylon and it blew me away; I’m really excited to start working on stuff. I think my point of entry is taking that new VR physics example you have, and beginning to load some of my assets into it.