3D text in Babylon

MeshWriter 1.1.1 is out, with more complete glyph coverage and (bonus!) no file size increase. The glyphs are now enumerated for MeshWriter; see the README.

The selection is extensive in both Comic and Helvetica. More limited in Jura and HirukoPro but still a complete ASCII set.

The file “meshwriter.min.js” is still under 120K.

I may fill in some corners but I don’t plan to do any large expansions.


Just better every time! You rock!

Thank you DK.

Just dogged.

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Hello @TheLeftover, I tried to open some playgrounds using MeshWriter but none of them are working:
Uncaught ReferenceError: Writer is not defined

I think this might be due to last playground update which is not waiting for the Writer source to be loaded before creating the scene @Deltakosh ?

Cheers :wink:

Pinging @noalak

@PichouPichou, sorry. This just came to my attention last night.

If you put a ‘var’ declaration in front of the first mention of Writer, and text4 and text5 (I think), then it rolls. Repairing soon.

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@TheLeftover Do you have a link for the playground plz ?

Sure thing @noalak,

If you go to GitHub - briantbutton/meshwriter: Babylon Mesh Writer you will see two playground links. They are about one page from the top in the README. Hope that helps.

Were those playgrounds working correctly couple of days ago ?
Do you know if the Writer variable is defined in the meshWriter library ?


Writer is defined in the playground. If you put ‘var’ in front of Writer, text5 and tex6, the playground works.

Yeah, seems legit to me to put var in front of the variables.
I have no clue how it was working, but before further investigations, question is: should no var tag been allowed in the first place ? @Deltakosh

In that case, do we care about retrocompatibility ?

Let me refer you to the link below. I believe it gives background and answers your question.

Some playgrounds not working after last update?

No backwards compact issue. All that was working must still work:)

Custom fonts are not converting correctly =(

@temrysh, sorry for your difficulty. Can you provide more detail. What precisely are you doing and what step is not yielding the desired results?

Background: Font file formats vary. It is possible that there is some incompatibility between the font file you are trying to convert and the MeshWriter utility. Nonetheless, let’s start at the basics.


Thank you for getting back that fast and for supporting your great tool.

So I have followed the steps described in meshwriter-font with my custom .ttf font and stumbled upon issue that was already opened on github. The output only cover the numbers 0123456789.

UPD: config.coverage solves the issue.

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To narrate for other readers: ‘config.js’ (from the github repo) must be included in the source directory for complete font conversion. It holds the glyph conversion lists, by font name. If it is absent, the utility only converts the numerals, mystifying programmers.

I can do some updates to fill in this pothole.

@TheLeftover it looks like there is a cert issue on all the examples ? would you mind to have a look ?

Yes. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I built all that stuff around a program I abandoned years ago, but that’s where I hosted the code modules. I left that server running for the sole reason of hosting MeshWriter code but I guess the cert finally expired.

I believe the code modules can be hosted directly on github. Old playground pointers must all change though.

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