How can i create a virtual showroom using babylon.js

how can i create virtual showroom using babylon.js any tutorials?

@PirateJC, this one is totally for you :slight_smile:

Hey @Aekantak007! Welcome to the Babylon family!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by virtual showroom? Are you thinking about a virtual reality experience to view products?

The short answer is YES you can absolutely use Babylon to create an infinite number of 2D and 3D experiences on the web! There are a number of examples of people creating product configurators that might give you a small idea of a digital or virtual showroom.

Here’s a particularly fun one from @jonnylondon and Get Laid Beds.

We don’t have an end to end tutorial showing how to do this exactly, but you should find a LOT of great foundational teaching elements in our documentation:

Particularly starting with our Babylon 101 course:

As well as our Youtube channel:

Hope this helps a bit and again, welcome to the family!

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Here is a nice example of a show room made with babylon.js


Thankyou for responding I’ll surely look into this and get back to you if I face anything else

@Aekantak007, another example is the Room Planner of Wayfair

Here’s one more from Target…also built on Babylon :slight_smile:

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check this out JC
i wanted exactly this got any suggestions ?

The fundamentals for this type of app can be found at Cameras, Mesh Collisions and Gravity - Babylon.js Documentation. In the example playground on this page use mouse to look around and cursor keys to move. (Click on scene before using keys)

In the app you posted, like the crate in the example on the above page, the stands are just boxes with different materials applied and walls are formed in the same way. You can apply material with transparency for the windows and use a skybox for the outside view.

For links to ‘stand business’ add an event to each box representing the sign.

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Thanks john appreciate it