3D VR photos from Burning Man

This year at Burning Man was my first chance to really put the Canon VR lens through its paces, other than a few test shoots this summer.

I took a TON of photos there, but most are in private galleries for privacy reasons. But I also took a few (not enough!) photos of some of the artwork around the playa. You can see them here on a normal browser and optionally in immersive mode:

The gallery uses a BabylonJS PhotoDome (half shell). In immersive mode, there are some buttons to navigate and exit, just above eye level. I’ve only tested it on the Quest 2, but it may work on a Go and other VR devices.

Hope you enjoy the photos! The UI is sparse, but functional. I’m planning to release the gallery viewer as an open source Vue component, but I need to work through some issues first (like this one posted in the Questions forum here).


Super cool photos and artwork! :open_mouth: