Creating augmented reality experiences with Bablyon.js (free live learning session)

Hi everyone,

I’m Dave from Zappar.

If anyone would like to learn more about building WebAR experiences with bablyon.js, we’re hosting a free live learning session tomorrow at 4 pm (BST). Our CTO, Connell Gauld will be hosting the session and he’ll take you through all the key concepts, from creation to publication.

Let me know if you’re interested. Happy to add anyone to the invite list.

More info here: Building with Babylon.js



Thanks for sharing Dave.

Can I ask - is your AR SDK WebXR based? Or is that your own implementation?

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Thanks for sharing! I’d be interested in attending if possible. I might have some schedule conflicts so not sure if I’d be able to stay the whole time depending on its length

It’s a little early in the morning for me here in PST, but I’ll definitely check out a recording if one is posted!

Hi Raanan, thanks for replying. Yes, it’s our own implementation. :metal:

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Hi Josh, thanks for responding. No problem, it’ll be recorded anyway and available for free on-demand. Sign up and we’ll send you the recording afterwards (Cc. @DarraghBurke)



Sounds great. I’ve just registered but won’t be able to attend live as it’ll be 1am here. Looking forward to the recording though.

Awesome. Thanks for registering Brian. Would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve watched the recording. Cheers.

Morning folks,

The recording is now available to watch for free here: Building with Babylon.js

If anyone’s got any questions about our implementation or how to create AR experiences using the SDK let me know.