3ds max export console

@Drigax, Hi,

I just downloaded the latest version of the plugin and I just saw that the console has been placed in a tab now.

  1. But on the options tab, there is a totally unnecessary vertical scrool (to right) on my screen which makes me go down by 5 pixels only (so unnecessary). In the console tab, I have no scrool.

  1. Then, a suggestion would be to switch to the console automatically when we click the “export” or “export and run” button. Is it possible ?

Thank you

  1. Sure, there’s some wastes space there, thankfully this pane can now scroll for lower rez screens. The console tab appears to autoscroll fine, I don’t quite understand:

  2. done.

The console was very good. There was no problem.
I was just talking about the options tab that had a scrool that could be avoided.


Thanks @Drigax,

I posted 2 other problems here that you probably haven’t seen

@Drigax .I downloaded the lastest version of exporter and this issue is here again :frowning:

@MarianG The console has been moving in a tab.
You will find the Options and Log tab at the top

Understood, but bottom buttons are missing. Or I cann’t find them

Ah yes, I did not pay attention to that.
They are not in the Log tab?

I have just tested on the 2017 and 2021 version and the buttons are present.

@Drigax It seems that the problem appears on the 2018 version

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Do you have the latest exporter, from 20.10? Or the previous from 12.10? I installed manually the exporter from 12.10 and is all good, so looks like the issue is only with the latest

Yes I have the latest version : 20201012.1
The problem must come from something else.

is not the latest :slight_smile:

Ok, I haven’t seen this update 5 days ago.
So yes it must come from this latest version.

I just tested this update on the 3ds Max 2017 and 2021 version and everything is OK for me. It works with 20201020.3.
Maybe on 3ds Max 2018 this latest version 20.3 does not display buttons.

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@Guillaume_Pelletier what resolution is your monitor set to? Winforms is kinda bad, and it will rearrange the elements based of your system resolution at edit time. Can you try to make sure everything looks good at 1080p?

4k, I did not change any of the elements, just add a check box at the end of the list.

Double check your commit changes:

When you make a change to the exporter form, I believe winforms will regenerate the Designer.cs file to reflect the CURRENT layout of the window. So if you’re developing in 4k, the form will be generated using static positioning as laid out for your current resolution. I can see a lot of changes made to the form’s layout other than just the check box being added.

Maybe there’s a way to prevent this?

Hi everyone! I think I have the same kind of issue! I installed the last version of the plugin for 3ds max 2021 and didn’t manage to get the several buttons (export).
So I can’t export… Resolution is 1600x900. Here’s my screenshot.
Thank you !

I believe @Guillaume_Pelletier made a change to the exporter form, the controls look like they’re laid out absolutely for a 4k display… Mind taking a look?