3ds max export console

The console can no longer be seen entirely in the lower part.

Ping @Drigax for this one :slight_smile: THX

Pinging @Drigax (up:))

Thanks for the report, sounds like we have an issue with the element anchors for that textbox and buttons. I’ll try to take a look ASAP


I can’t seem to reproduce this on our latest exporter version. Can you double check that you have the latest installed: Releases · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

(3dsMax Babylon Export 20200527.2 window test — webmshare)

I see you are using the 2020 version.
This happens on the 2017 version at my place
I am using thelatest exporter version I get with the installer 1.4

Up @Drigax.
Can you reproduce it with the 2017 version of 3ds max?

I have the same problem with 2019

As a workaround, just maximize the window of exporter and all good

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No, it’s not good on your second image @MarianG The console is not complete and we do not see the progress bar below.
It should be like on the Drigax video using the 2020 version of 3ds max

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You are right, it is not complete, but atleast we can use it :sweat_smile:

Strange, I cannot reproduce on 2017 either:

Even with the public release installed, everything looks good…

@MarianG, @Dad72 can you share your display settings? What’s your screen resolution? Number of screens, UI scaling %? I’m not super experienced with proper scaling for winforms, but I still can’t reproduce this…

My screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
1 single screen
Scaling: 100%

I try to manually reinstal all the dlls after I delete the old ones, but I have the same thing.
I did not have this problem with previous versions. I can not say the whatprevious version, there are several months that I have not updated (maybe 4 months) But everything was perfect.

I have the impression that you are not using the same version @Drigax

Version writed in the console (Max2Babylon) :

  • My version (update today)
  • Your version 19.0.1072.0 (Which seems to be an older version than the one I have)
  • Version of MarianG

Thanks. Turning down the resolution and scaling appears to reproduce this, I’ve been a bit spoiled by 4k monitors lately. Looks like our minimum window size is conflicting with the layout of our toolbar, or something similar. I’m not completely sure, and most likely won’t be able to address this for the next week or so. The fix is relatively trivial, just need to tweak our elements, or encapsulate all our elements in a scrollview for the entire window.

Thanks look for solutions. If I can allow myself an opinion, the fact of creating a scroll bar on all the window would not be so elegant in the end. Changing the arrangement of the elements might be better, I suppose.

Another idea could be to change the width of the console so that the buttons are placed next to and not below. The progress bar could also be moved or reduced in height. These are ideas.

Thanks again.

I decided to go with the “just get it done” solution. if anyone wants to wireframe or ideally implement some better dialog, I’m happy to see it get checked in.


Yes it’s better. Thank you for resetting the progress bar

Now, the Export button has disappeared :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah, I knew something was missing. One second I’ll fix that real quicklike

Update is live: Release CD Release 20200611.5 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub


Yes everything is perfect now. Thank you Drigax

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