3ds Max exporter issues after update

Hi guys.

I’ve been using 3ds max 2018 to create my scenes with an exporter I installed probably ~2 years ago, so a really old version.
Recently, I decided to update my 3ds max exporter using the installer. Everything works as intended, but not really.

I am attaching 2 different screenshots of the same model, with the same settings, with the same js code, the only difference is one was exported 2 days ago on the old exporter, and the 2nd one exported on “Max2Babylon for 3dsMax version v20.0.0.0”.

Old version:

New version:

As you can see, there is a lot of Z-clipping in the scene, even though I have set useLogarithmicDepth to true for all my materials.

PS: in the new version, I had to export with a scale factor of 1500 in order to maintain the same size in the scene.
PPS: I’m using the latest version of babylonjs

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Have you tried to use Material.zOffset to correct the z fighting problem?

If your meshes are really at the same coordinates (or very near), a logarithmic depth buffer won’t help I think.

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@jhn11 Not sure off hand, I can’t tell what’s happening in your screenshots. Can you post your source .max and output working and non-working .glTF scenes that cause this behavior?

that looks zFighting, I think you have duplicates of the same mesh at the same location?

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Thanks for all the replies!! Really appreciate it.

Unfortunately I can’t share the files as these are customer files.

On closer inspection, it looked like all meshes got scaled down on the Z-axis to a point where they were all on the same level. The culprit was a dummy object (set up as a parent for all other meshes), because after deleting it, everything looked fine again.

But I didn’t have the time to dive deeper into the issue and I reverted back to an earlier release of the exporter ( Release 20191203.3) and in here everything works fine.

Thanks again.