4.0 Release Meetup Poll

@jhadenfeldt had a fantastic idea to possibly do a Babylon meetup in the Seattle area to celebrate the 4.0 release.

What do you all think?

  • A meetup sounds fun. I’m in!
  • No thanks

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That would be dependent on dates!

Be there in a heartbeat if it wasn’t nearly 5000 miles away :frowning_face:


Idea is great, I would love to be present, but unfortunately too far for me. I hope it would be possible to follow this, remotely and live for the less fortunate.

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I’d love to go, but Sweden is to far away :slight_smile:

For sure it won’t be complete without everyone. :disappointed:

But I like the idea of thinking of this as a start to something bigger! If meetups are something that we all dig, we can totally do them across the world! No reason we couldn’t!

@Cstfan - we for sure need to figure out how to include folks remotely! Great idea!


what about streaming, or at least capturing, the video of the meetup then broadcast it on the Web ?
It would be nice for lots of us far away from Seattle.


Something like… Google Hangouts?

3D~Artists like jerome and pryme8 and JohnK, showing what they made (and howto) would be beneficial. Also, it would inspire the community. :slight_smile:

Often we solve similar problems (clouds, roller-coasters, car), and comparing the different solutions - is a great benefit, with many surprises.

~ Every HOWTO, opens up 3 other HOWTO’s.


Google hangouts or Discord would be awesome!

I mention discord as It does not have an upper limit for how many people can be in a video call.

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+1 for Discord :slight_smile: (It just have to not kill the forum if people start to using it then…)


If we decide to use discord it will just be for audio/video during the meetup

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Discord is only for live exchange, isn’t it ?
What about the time difference between Seattle and the audience elsewhere around the world ?
Maybe a simple video on Youtube or any other public streaming platform would be enough for people who can’t be here … and now.

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If I go I’ll have it going to my Twitch account.


@nasimiasl was considering a video for Geometry Builder. Also a collection of videos would be great for things like the Editor.

Other potential topics: Animation , Dot and Cross Products, World Matrix Transforms Etc. Building realistic looking height maps. On and on…

“Lightning Talks” that result in videos would be great.

Happy to contribute. :slight_smile:

A Discord with screen record video, to show what we have been working (or lightning talks) would be fun.

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@jerome and @Vinc3r - Agreed with @Deltakosh…we’d use Discord for the live aspect of it, and then record a video for all the folks who can’t make it. This all assuming there’s sufficient interest of course. :slight_smile:

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Sigh. You’re all ALREADY in/at a meetup (one that requires less “affording” than physical trips/lodging). Does it “include” everyone?

Hey @Wingnut, Sorry I don’t understand what you mean? Can you help clarify?

The forum itself is a meet-up. @gryff used to say things like… “For being an international picnic/party, there’s sure not much fun happening. All they talk about is programming.”

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Thanks for sharing…when I think “meetup” I generally think of some sort of “Live” event…which I’m not sure the forum would fall into…for the purposes of this thread, it’s probably good to clarify that we’d be talking about doing some sort of live event where people can participate in some sort of live Q&A/hangout type of thing.

We’re still gauging whether or not there’s solid interest in doing something like this. We’ll make a final call on whether we’ll do a live meetup next week.


nod. Yeah… I understand. It’s often too far and/or not affordable for many (of us). Personally, I’m predominantly handcuffed to a pole, monetarily. Sounds like fun, though.

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