5.0 breaking changes


I saw a listed breaking change in 5.0:
dataBuffer.ts and buffer.ts have been moved from Meshes/ to Buffers/

I found 2 more breaking changes from moved imports:
// declared, but not exported in 5.0
import { IFocusableControl } from “@babylonjs/gui/2D/advancedDynamicTexture.js”;
// moved
import { FluentMaterial } from “@babylonjs/gui/3D/materials/fluentMaterial.js”;

I wonder if there is any consideration for having a secondary export in the interests of backwards compatibility. Otherwise, maybe these are considered breaking changes as well?

That is a miss

wanna do a PR to reexport them from their previous location?

Wasn’t fluent material introduced in 5.0? I don’t think this is a breaking change.

About moving the files, maybe @Evgeni_Popov can explain why it was done before reverting it

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I don’t think it should be reverted - it seems better organized now, especially with the shaders. The question was more about how moving imports are being handled, since the other moves were listed as breaking changes. I know that your team works hard to avoid breaking changes.

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Importing requires the full path of the file (esm), so in order to get the imports to load correctly we will either need to move the files back or add a placeholder that exports everything from the correct file. A kind of redirect :slight_smile:

If there is a cleaner solution i’d be very happy to know

Yes, that’s why I was originally suggesting placeholders (secondary export) for backwards compatibility. And then also we could remove the listed breaking change as well.

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