6 conditional faces of a sphere

How can I place 6 units on the sphere (4 units, 1 above and 1 below)?

PG: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#LZ464X#1


the playground shows a sphere, and that’s about it… What exactly do you mean with 6 units? position? amount of spheres?

This is strange because I pulled the texture. I need to place this number on 6 sides

Changing the texture will be the most straightorward solution. Multimaterials won’t help here, as the sphere is constructed in a way that won’t allow you to manipulate “sides”.


This texture is the best I’ve done. I still did not understand how to place units both above and below. Because they flatten

You can use a 3D modelling software (Paint 3D FTW!) to texture a sphere, or find a sphere texture mapping that fits your needs. Otherwise it will probably not look very appealing :slight_smile:

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As a compromise you might be able to produce something close using an icosphere and playing with the given texture image.



A new favorite playground


Here’s mine:

…but I have cheated, I have used 6 spots with projection textures! :slight_smile:


I have recently read the doc about decals, so here’s a PG using decals (less heavy on GPU than the projected textures solution):



hi , i use your demo with 2 points it’s good, but have some noise shining on decal. Do u know why

Hard to say, we would need a repro to see what the problem really is.