A sphere of spiralling spheres - Maths challenge

Can someone solve the problem of placing points (spheres in this case to visualise it) on a sphere in a spiralling fashion like this:

I seem to be complicating things in line 19 but i can’t find the answer and chatGPT can’t either.
Looking at what’s generated I somehow it could fit into one sexy formula :wink:
Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at it.

Key is normalizing.


did you try?

Did you try my PG?

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Cedric :slight_smile: You’re awesome!
Now the second challenge.
How can we make it so that the top and bottom positions are rendered less frequently.
Goal is that they all have the same distance relative to each other.

A bit more complex. I would try to change the angle and modulate it depending on the height. Basically, making it not linear

Why i came up with this challenge for myself is because i wanted to be able a platonic solid of 7 vertices.
I found it seems to be a huge mathematical problem to divide any number of vertices evenly on a sphere and thought this approach might be a way to cheat.
( Hope you catch my drift )

seems the answer is in using euler rotations:

see the construction of path