A better personnal account

I believe Babylon has pretty much all we need (playgrounds, nme, forums) but need to be more integrated with each other.
I’d love to login into BabylonJS and see on my homepage my own playgrounds entries, my material editor entries and my forum questions. Then on another tab I could see my pined playgrounds entries, my pinned material editor entries and my pinned questions.
Also the playground could be more integrated so that each playground entry is also a forum page.


cc @PirateJC, the idea is pretty coool :slight_smile:

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This is a really interesting idea!

We’re actively in “ship” mode for Babylon 5 right now, but I’ve added this idea to the list of possible things to explore for the next release.

Thanks for bring this up!


Hey! Pretty cool ideas! I’ve proposed some similar PG enhancements earlier and I started to work on it after I got green for some functionality to be implemented. I started to write code for storing own PG entries locally, so you have a backup in case the browser freezes, list them so you don’t have to bookmark or look them up in history, etc) but @sebavan @PirateJC + whom it may concern, it’s stuck on your side guys :crazy_face:

And now reading this and realizing I am not the only one with this idea it’s a good moment to finish or drop the stuff or implement a server side solution.

So guys? :roll_eyes: :vulcan_salute:


Guys, I’m eager to learn and contribute, so if you are going to implement any of these I am at your service :vulcan_salute: I mean not just my proposal,but any idea.

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