A "secret" for @PirateJC - and all the crew. Updated Again 7.15pm EST

Here is a little scene as s “secret” for @PirateJC and the coming release of Babylon 5.

The Secret

It was created in a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. The skybox was created with Spacescape a couple of years ago on my XP machine. I believe it may work with Windows 10 but the max resolution is only 2,000 x 2,000 pixels now.

The planet texture is a free one from Textures For Planets - the “Alpine” texture. I created a normal map with “Materialize”.

The meshes, lights etc were of course created in Blender and exported to BJS using @JCPalmer 's great exporter. According to Firefox’s Developer Tools, it is using “Babylon.js v5.0.3 - WebGL2” and I believe that the latest version of the GUI script I am using is now linked to BJS 5.

I do not have a Twitter or Facebook accounts - if someone wants to broadcast it on social media - please feel free.

Nothing too fancy - but is was fun.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m going to update the above link - Done Updating


Hahaha excellent
Love the spirit a lot. It has a feeling of babylon5 tv show to me

@gryff this is so coool !!!


Added a little more fun - the hand with a raised warning finger. It was done using a font I found at 1001 Free Fonts. Easy to add in Blender.

Takes the vertex count up a bit - all those curly fingers!

Stay Safe All, gryff :wink:

Part of that increase in the vertex count is due to me!! :unamused: I just hid the old back text instead of moving to a collection that was disabled in Blender, so those vertices are in the update but hidden! The “hand/finger” still accounts for the biggest part of the vertex count increase though.

I will remove the old text and update again later tonight.Also looking for some music.

Stay Safe All, gryff :wink:

Update done ~ 1000 vertices fewer when I remove the old “shh” text

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

haha I LOVE the little shhh hand! :heart:

This is neat! The hand definitely a nice touch.

LOL! That’s AWESOME @gryff !!! LOL I love it!