Babylon.js 5 Is Coming!

Hey everybody!

I hope you’re as pumped as we are! The countdown to Babylon.js 5 officially starts today!

We’re just a few months out from the biggest release of Babylon yet, and we can’t wait for you all to see what’s in store!


Glad you got squishy on the date. Having an exact date can cause unnecessary drama, and possibly cause bad decisions to be made.


It rocks !!!

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Looking good, great work! Where can I see the bing landmarks from the video?

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Wow! You guys rock. I’m pumped!


Great, looking forward to it!

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@kri100s - Live on bing

Just try typing in “Space Needle” as an example and then there’s a View in 3D button


That is pretty awesome. I tried the golden gate bridge. The skybox with the time of the day is cool as well.
While ago I saw a bing LIDAR car driving around my city. I wonder is the plan to do it for every major city in the world.
Also I wonder can you pull the data somehow. So far I’ve been using elevationapi but they dont have the buildings/bridges.

I can see they went the same path as me for the water :rofl: Normal bump map for waves and SDF for shallow water around the shore.

It seems they maybe have js implementation of Unreal Engine Sky Atmosphere Rendering Technique for skybox.

Ok, last comment on bing I promise. It seems they didnt care about the shadows. Its interesting how they did the trees. I think its some noise on top of heightmap. I wonder do they recognise where the trees are from the textures.

Is there a feature list of all the new updates to Babylon 5.0 that I can read to get more info? Really looking forward to this new update.

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This requires AI, to be done properly

The fundamental term is “edge detection”

Next video can we get some of @Deltakosh ’s sound effects in the background music. Something like: “Byaaww ba ba bowwww. (Deep voice) baby-laaun! “


Where’s the Coroutine love? It seems to still be in the Beta and lemme say they work quite nicely! :smile:


Great trailer. Can’t wait for version 5. It’s amazing to think about all the fun things we can create with JavaScript in the 2020s!

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Wich Typescript versions will be supported?

We will release and build from the latest available at release time

omg I love this! Who do I have to beg for beta access?
I’m still a little new so stupid question: will this have full npm support (tree-shaking and typescript)?