A third-person game


Three years ago we wanted to make a 3d shooter on BabylonJS. But I rejected this idea, since it is very difficult to make an anti-cheat for one developer, and also there are additional costs for the server and support. After that, we decided to make a 3d maze. The first game was in the first person, and it should be quite simple. But we got so carried away that we made a third-person game out of it. We have come up with several mechanics, such as collecting keys that will take you to places you might not have visited. Now our maze is too complicated for children and too simple for adults. There are only two of us, me and a 3d designer. Perhaps you have any ideas in which direction we should develop?

The game made on BabylonJS + Vue + Veux + Ionic + Colyseus
Main screen, settings, level selection, a map showing the player’s positions and also a joystick for controlling on a smartphone.

All the code is good, although not perfect. When we finish (maybe earlier), we want to post the project code for general use, as an example, or for development with the help of other developers. This code has been in three projects and has only gotten better each time.

The development of the game has taught us a lot, especially me. I even used this experience last year to participate in a hackathon, I took second place and a special prize. It’s not related to the game, i was making a 3d gallery for NFT.

This is my first experience in game development and I will continue, but I need to understand where to go. I will be glad of any advice and feedback.

We are very grateful to this forum and the creators of BabylonJS.


For the anti-cheating part, it is necessary to regularly consult a database (MYSQL for example) which is authentic.

Otherwise it’s very nice what you did.

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All I can tell you is that it looks very attractive. I’m sure you can put the experience and the design acquired to good use. As for the direction, it looks to me like you skipped some steps in the game design/game dev. May be the best idea in order to keep things consistent would be to just keep with the game design and start-up new with thinking of your gameplay, audience, etc… In general, games or experiences that have changed focus/gameplay during the dev phase do not provide with a very good result/xp. It should be build on solid grounds, else it will lack consistency. Of course, my opinion only. Again, congrats for the design. I really like it.

Thanks for your reply. We have no problems connecting to the database, we plan to save the gameplay process in a database.

Anti-cheat is a big topic related to rewinding time, confirming player actions, calculating the scene and server-side actions. This is too much for one programmer. But anything is possible:)

@Rubaka this looks fantastic !!!

Can not wait to try it :slight_smile: let me add @PirateJC to the thread !!!


@Rubaka this looks incredible!

Can’t wait to play with it! When you’ve got something that you’re comfortable advertising, let me know, I’ll be happy to tweet about it for you!

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Thank you for your reply!

Yes, it really looks like this. We are back now to designing levels and mechanics. We will move away from the idea of a simple maze, this was our marketing goal in the mobile market. We got carried away by the possibilities of BabylonJS, went further than planned (a simple maze).

Now I am reading books and articles on the topic of level design. This post was created for our motivation and search for interesting and crazy ideas:)

@sebavan @PirateJC

Thank you very much for your support, this is very important for us right now.

We will try to finish 3 levels as soon as possible and release the game. We will definitely inform you here about the start of testing. Thank you very much for the offer with Twitter, I am sure it will bring great benefits to the project.

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I definitely would be glad to give some advices, and even could participate in development :slight_smile:

Love the visual style!


Thank you so much for your suggestion! I’m sorry I didn’t answer for a long time.

Right now we don’t need development help. We will place the code on an open repository. We will need a third-party code review, before the first release of the game engine (or example engine). We will definitely appeal to anyone who wants to help release the code.

We have created a greybox level, and are still working on the design. This is a priority task now.

PS: added smoothness in the movement of the camera, now the video recorded earlier does not seem so smooth and clear. Now the camera has a different inertia in Y and X, smooth moves away when walking and even more smoothly bounces off the walls.


Hi, wow, this is probably the best I’ve seen on babylon.js, are you open to collaboration, if so, how can I contact you?

Really Smooth!! Amazing job sir!

It’s really good!!!

I am developing a similar function, and I have also encountered similar camera problems, as well as physical collision problems. Can you share and learn your code for this camera and character walking, thank you very much!

I am preparing an open source project where there will be a controller and other mechanics. For a quick start. Babylon JS (TypeScript) + VUE (VUEX) + Colyseus. I plan to do this within a week.

@sebavan @roser42


very looking forward to you open source project

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Great idea !!!

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Great work! Looking forward for the open source!