A very Newbie Question. Is it feasible to make game like Genshin Impact in Babylon.js 5+?

The differences is I’m only focus on client side programming. So no server side programming like multiplayer and microtransaction. :slight_smile:

Also what things i need to consider before making game like genshin impact beside the very well documentation of babylon js ? :slight_smile:

Should i use data oriented programming approach in typescript or javascript ? :slight_smile:


Yes, maybe not all features found in Genshin Impact. It requires a lot of time thought :slight_smile:

You can make awesome games on the web today, and even better with WebGPU.

BabylonJS with offscreencanvas, web workers for compute works and WebGPU should take you to the moon :rocket:

Edit: I prefer typescript as it points out the compilation errors at the time of development and is static/strong typing.

All I can say is that I (personally) wouldn’t start BJS today by making a game. No matter if typescript or js you are in for a long journey. :hourglass_flowing_sand: So I wish you just GL and let us know when it’s done :calendar: :wink: I’m joking of course :grinning: You can always return here with your questions (and I’m pretty sure you will :smiley: ) We’ll always be happy to answer if we can :wink:

Well, you can see quite a lot of amazing games being built on our Demos and Projects session: Latest Demos and projects topics - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com) so it’s certainly possible to make all kinds of games.

Visually, @Lun has made incredible toon shaders that look like the Genshin ones: Genshin Toon Shader Babylonjs NodeMaterial - #13 by Lun

No matter what the approach you take, however, making a game requires a lot of patience and dedication, so you might want to start with simpler games before attempting to make something as ambitious as Genshin, which is developed by hundreds of people :slight_smile:

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Appreciate all the answers :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s true i should start simpler games :slight_smile:

The good things is i have over 50+ javascript ebooks and 100+ ebooks about algorithm and data structures, design pattern, and refactoring. So yeah i should do a lot of testing and experimenting in babylon.js. :slight_smile:

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and with all this reading, you still have time for coding, amazing :wink: :grinning:

Learning toon shader nodematerial.use a gradient texture to control shadow color - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

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thank you :smiley: