About IDBStorageEnabled and ImportMeshAsync

When I set Database.IDBStorageEnabled = true, and call SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync more than once at the same time. Run the program for the first time , I will get the error :

Looks like it might be related to javascript - Uncaught InvalidStateError: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': A version change transaction is running - Stack Overflow

Can you provide a repro in the playground so that we can have a look ?

I can get the error occasionally rather than every time. And you have to delete the indexedDB database before test everytime.

I think is “not check for the completion of the version change transaction before attempting to load the object store” when call ImportMeshAsync more than once at the same time.

@RaananW could you have a look ?

I can’t seem to reproduce this. tried deleting the database and running the playground a few times.
Is it still happening on your side? Is it happening in the playground you provided?

Pinging, just in case. Is it still happening?