About meshes fixed positions while camera rotating

Hi all…
I hope everyone fine…
I have a question and i working since one week on it but i couldn’t solve it…
I’m using arc camera on my scene. When i put a cube (i’m using import mesh technique) and when rotate my camera, cube moving with camera.
I want to when camera rotate cube keep the position. How can i do this?

I’m thinkinng about change to free camera and disable free camera moving specialities (may be can this a solution).

Anybody can show me the way?

Please reproduce the issue on the playground that helps us helping you

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@mauricedoepke thanks for your quick reply. If you wish you can use any PG sample with arc camera.

Note: I fixed with this way: I converted arc camera to free camera and removed inputs (“FreeCameraKeyboardMoveInput”)

But i’m ready for any advice for more effective solutions.

I’m not sure to understand : you’re talking about just an arcRotateCamera and an imported object in this scene, right?

'cause all works fine by default :smiley: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#17LHMG#7

I think i couldn’t explain my problem completely. But i fixed it. Thank you…

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