Imported Mesh Rotates with Camera?

Hello everyone,

At first I thought this was an optical illusion, but it seems that my imported mesh (from Blender) is rotating with the camera. Is there a setting that I overlooked, or perhaps this is an issue with the Blender exporter?


As you can see using an environment, the camera is not moving: only the model is.

Hello @sebavan, thanks for taking a look at this!

I added a box, and as you rotate the camera, you can see that the edge of the imported mesh will actually move through the box at different angles. Am I still missing something?

It more looks like your mesh has been exported with reversed faces or normals ?

If you exported from blender, maybe @JCPalmer might have an idea ?

I created a new mesh in Blender, and it doesn’t have the same problem, so it was probably something unusual in the way I created the original mesh (or armature). Problem solved :smiley: :+1:

Thanks again!

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