About multiple file loading

Hi… I haven’t worked on babylon in a long time. I recently started working with babylon again (as I changed my last company) and realized how exciting it was.
I’m starting this thread with a problem. I want to explain briefly. I have a select box on an html document and I’m trying to load different glb files into the scene with this box spinner. However, when I change the selection in the select box, when I want to load, the babylon loading screen comes up again and the scene becomes heavier.
Can you guide me on this?
For now my file looks like this:

Thanks in advance…

It will continue getting heavier and heavier unless you dispose the old (or other) models from your scene. Maybe try using an assets container:

This way you can add and remove meshes from the scene (instead of importing them on every change of the select box).


@RaananW Thank you friend. I’ll try that and i’ll write about result…


Hello @Buzul just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile:

Hi @carolhmj . Actually, I haven’t had a chance to deal with it yet. My employer turned to a different project, but this situation is in my mind, I will try it at the first opportunity and write it here.

However, if you want to suggest a different way, I will take you into consideration.

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