Load some .glb in different scene and render one at time

Hi everyone, Is there anyone who can help me with a small babylon.js project?
I create different scene, every scene append a “file.glb”.
By external click change current scene and so far so good.
When I open the console, however, I find meshes of all the model.glb and not only that of the current scene. What am I doing wrong?

Hello and welcome!

do you mind recreating your issue on the Playground? it is almost impossible to help without a repro

Hi, thanks for reply.
for convenience I already have a link ready with the code: Power tools.

if you control in the console, when you switch the scene, the small pieces of the other object still come out above the canvas.
I’m still a beginner I hope I haven’t done something wrong. My goal is to load several models and see and interact with them one at a time.

Yeah I get it but this is far more convenient for the community if we can just jump into the playground and hack around: