About the dummy3.babylon animation

Hello !
In the playground i can see a very good “YBot_Idle” animation with breathing.
Where i can download only animation (mocap or bip or bvh files) of the “YBot_Idle”, “YBot_Walk” and “YBot_Run”, if it possible ?
Thanks !

They are coming from Mixamo I guess

Thanks !

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Yes the original animations came from Mixamo in FBX format. I made the dummy3.babylon using my toolkit.

FYI… the toolkit actually BAKES out native Babylon animations by SAMPLING each bones TRS matrix and serializes to native Babylon scene files

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Mixamo offers animated bones, but I need 3ds max biped - these are different things.
It difficult to find a “working” script for conversion from fbx to biped.
Something is on the Internet, but it works either partially or not at all.
Because the order and conformity of the bones do not match, or for some reason they turn in the wrong direction.

Not sure what the question is. But the toolkit basically exports the built-in SkinnedMeshRender and its skeleton. So if you can get character model imported into Unity with animations (whereever it comes from … 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, etc…)… The toolkit should export it.