About Trigger Areas

Hi everyone…

I’m using a lot of trigger area in my project. I have to create one more, but how can i do that, i haven’t got any idea.

I already created so many trigger area but those areas shapes are like square. But now i need like “L” one.

My question is; how can i combine two diffrent trigger area or how to a trigger area has the special shape like “L”.

thanks in advance…

A simple PG with one square trigger area would be very helpful for me, and maybe others, to understand what you mean by trigger area.

You can see in my PG sample


And what i need like a “L” shape


I suppose you could change the code and allow a triggerArea to consist of multiple squares.
like so; (added small gap for illustration)

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Yes, but in this time character when enter the trigger area triggers will triggerred more thaan one time?

It seems that by trigger area you mean an area defined by a number of points and then you want to find if a given point is inside the area. This is not really a BabylonJS issue but a mathematical one. One way to do it is described here Point in polygon - Wikipedia.

On looking at your playground code it appears you are using trigger volumes not areas, the above ray casting idea above can be extended as described in https://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~dfg/graphics/graphics2008/GraphicsLecture04.pdf

In future questions, unless the question is specifically about problems after importing a mesh, it would help us to answer the question if you created simple mesh shapes to illustrate your issue rather than importing from a file. This cuts out irrelevant problems.

Good luck with your project.

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I didn’t say make two triggers, but allow a single trigger to have multiple areas.

triggerArea.min: {} 
triggerArea.max: {}

triggerArea.areas = [];
triggerArea.areas[0] = {min: {}, max: {}}
triggerArea.areas[1] = {min: {}, max: {}}

--And trigger checking code..
for(var i = 0, max = triggerAreas.length; i < max; i++){
  var trig = triggerAreas[i];
   for(var j = 0; j < trig.areas.length; j++){
     var area = trig.areas[j];
     // We now have multiple areas for the same trigger.
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Thank you i think this will helps me…