ActionManager not working on UtilityScene


I think I found a bug on UtilityScene and ActionManager.
When I create an UtilityScene, add a mesh to it, its ActionManager do not work :
Actions are not triggered .

Here’s a playground.

I found a similar post here without any solution.

I tried to add utilityLayerScene.attachControl();, it seems to make the action manager work but it breaks gizmo hover effect. It may be due to onPointerObservable which is triggered two times.

Another playground to to illustrate that.

Still investigating,

Léo Rousseau

you need to attachControl on the utility scene:

Animation Examples | Babylon.js Playground (


As I said in the post, attaching control on the utility scene break gizmo hover effect.
You can test it in the second playground of my post (here).

It is linked to onPointerObservable which is triggered twice when the control is attached.
(PointerInfo hits nothing)

The action manager requires this. Otherwise you can react to pointers instead of using the action manager.

Changing that would require changing the action manager’s architecture. It is planned, TBH and I will be happy to see if we can get the utility layer to work correctly with it.

Ok, I understand.
So it is not possible, for the moment, to use an actionManager and transform gizmos (with hover effect) on the same utilityScene.

Thank you for your answers,

Not at the moment. The urility layer is passive when it comes to events. Once you set it to active (i.e. attach) everything will work, but as you say it might trigger certain events twice.

Just in case some people want to investigate further,
onPointerObservable is triggered twice and the second time, PointerInfo.PickInfo does not hit anything.
The hover effect is therefore not activated.