ActionManager on Mesh doesn't work, but ActionManager on Scene does

I have an ActionManager on a Scene that works correctly, and an ActionManager on a Mesh that does not. Here’s a playground illustrating the problem:

In the console you can see that fromScene is called when you press “1”, which is registered with the scene’s actionManager. But fromMesh is not called when “2” is pressed. I have a bit of indirection contained in the bindActionToKey function, but it doesn’t appear to be the problem.

Why isn’t the ActionManager on the Mesh working? I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but the documentation suggests I’m doing everything correctly.

Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry as this is actually a bug but in the doc :slight_smile:
The OnKeyDownTrigger can only be raised on the scene

I’ll fix the doc asap. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Good to know, thanks Delta.

Edit: This page is is what misled me, because it says “Currently, there are 17 different triggers available for meshes, and three for scenes”, and lists them all.

I’ll fix it

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